Enabling Accessibility Permissions

Tired of seeing this error?

Error: "Please enable accessibility permissions. Without it we cannot send any messages on your behalf."

It occurs when Porterhouse has been denied the accessibility permission, you may have seen this prompt?

Mac OS accessibility permission prompt
  1. Open System Preferences
    Mac OS System Preferences window
  2. Open the Security & Privacy pane
    Mac OS Security and Privacy pane in System Preferences
  3. At the top select "Privacy" > Scroll down to "Accessibility" and find Porterhouse. Click the lock in the bottom left and type your password to edit apps.
    Scroll down to accessibility
  4. Make sure that Porterhouse is checked.
    Confirm Porterhouse is present and checked
  5. If you DO NOT see Porterhouse listed, you can add it manually yourself.
    Adding Porterhouse manually
  6. Find the Porterhouse app and click open.
    Add Porterhouse to enable accessibility permissions

That should do it, go back and send your message.