Privacy & Security - What Porterhouse saves

Almost nothing! You're data stays on your computer.

Porterhouse is a powerful app and hence requires many Mac permissions. However, we actually offer far better privacy than other online texting platforms.

Due to how they function, they save all of your contacts' phone numbers, names, and other info, and also the entire conversations you have with those contacts. Here's the breakdown:

Data we save
  • We save the email address you use to login (obviously).
  • We save your encrypted password.
  • The message text that you create.

Data we DO NOT save
  • No contact info whatsoever, includinng those from uploaded CSV files – meaning we don't save any of your contacts' phone numbers, names, or any other personally identifying information.
  • No conversation data at all. All we save is a status of whether your initial broadcast was successfully sent to a recipient.

We pride ourselves on taking security and privacy very seriously!

Some details

Porterhouse takes note of your contacts GUID. This is an ID that Apple generates that contains NO personally identifying information about that contact. This ID allows us to know which contact is connected to which message.

Because of this, if an account were to be compromised, the only thing they could read would be the message's content. That is it.

Don't just take our word for it!

If you want to test this yourself, create and login as another user on your Mac, download and open Porterhouse there, then login to your Porterhouse account. When you go to see your message recipients, nothing will be listed, even though you logged in using your existing Porterhouse account!

Again, this is because we save no information, if we can't find a matching ID or (GUID) in your Contacts then, as far as, Porterhouse is concerned, it doesn't exist.

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