Political Campaigns

A real user's use case

Campaigning is notoriously an impersonal activity in democracy.

Porterhouse could provide a way for someone running for political office to connect directly with their large donors by peer-to-peer messaging to them updates through their personal phone number. Communicating with them through a medium (iMessage/SMS) that is personal, direct, and warrants a response, encouraging conversation and developing a deeper connection..

Further, when sending attachments through our attachment and analytics feature, candidates to track WHO opens them and interacts with the content sent out allowing them to see who needs more attention.

A fitness trainer who sends out daily personalized workouts

A real user's use case

Johnathan, a trainer, wakes up at 5AM every day to send out a daily, personalized workout routine to his 50 customers. Customers fit into different buckets depending on their fitness goals, Core, Strength, Flexibility, etc.

After creating the routines he gets on his Mac, opens the Messages app and starts copying and pasting the routine to every customer in each bucket. By the end of the process he has spent over an hour, replacing the first name, attaching a PDF or video.

Porterhouse has cut that time down by 80%, leaving him with time in his morning to hangout with his family and enjoy his new daughter.

Small Local Businesses

A hypothetical use case

Local businesses are vital to our economy and business is hard.

Porterhouse could provide a way for local business owners to reach out to their client base to let them know of new shipments, a rare product that has just come in, or an event their hosting.

Porterhouse would give customers the local attention they enjoy from their local businesses and allow customers and owners to communicate direct together and help drive sales in an environment that is ever more difficult for local retail.