Porterhouse automates individualized mass iMessage and SMS messaging from your own phone number, right on your computer.
Each message is sent individually to each recipient to personalize your text based marketing.


What this baby can do

Mass iMessaging

Send blue bubbles to any one in your iPhone's Contacts. BLUE BUBBLES!

Mass SMS

Porterhouse also supports individualized SMS messaging to people with those silly green bubbles.

Tokenized Messages

Dynamically add first and last name "tokens" to your messages to keep them personalized.

iCloud Contacts

With your permission, Porterhouse integrates your iCloud Contacts that sync across your devices. Also, we show your Contacts groups to keep you organized.


We store NO personal identifying information about you or your contacts. NONE!

Files with Analytics

Porterhouse attaches your files with an individualized link to each recipient allowing you to see who engages with your files and attachments.


Everybody loves screenshots
Screenshot of all messages
Screenshot of creating a new message
Screenshot of sending a new message