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Mass texts from your phone number in one click

Porterhouse automates your Messages App to send individual, personalized texts to your entire list with a single click.

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Kyle Rohde – Manager of Team Operations, LA Clippers
LA Clippers Logo

We were looking for an app that allows sending mass texts to people individually with one click. Other apps make you click send for every individual person – which didn't work for us.

We've now moved to Porterhouse for all our team communications!

Kyle Rohde

Manager of Team Operations, LA Clippers

Text large groups of people in a single click

Upload a CSV file with names and numbers, or choose from your Apple Contacts. Click Send, walk away, and get notified when sending is done (Get your life back!)

  • Texts are private and sent individually, NOT to the whole group
  • iOS recipients receive iMessages and Android recipients receive SMSes
  • Import recipients from Mailchimp or other CRMs
  • NO per-text fee or message length limits!
Diagram showing Mailchimp, CSV or Mac Contacts in, and Porterhouse using Messages App to text individually

Premium features for about $1/day

  • Add a personal touch with ${firstName} tags and more
  • Include links with full preview, or any kind of image (GIFs and Live Photos too!)
  • Attach videos or other filetypes, and track who opened them
  • Easily do a dry-run test before sending
How a Zoom link preview will look like when sent using Porterhouse
How an attached video preview will look like when sent using Porterhouse

Use what you already know

Because Porterhouse literally uses your own cell number to do the texting, replies show up in both your Mac and iPhone’s Messages App

  • Preserve existing chat history with customers or members
  • No need to reintroduce yourself (no more "Who is this?")
  • View and respond to replies right from your Messages App
  • No juggling multiple numbers - everything’s in one place
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Replying to a Porterhouse-sent text right from your iPhone's Messages App Replying to a Porterhouse-sent text right from your Mac's Messages App

Zapier Integrations

Trigger automatic text messages with our powerful Zapier API integrations. For example, automatically send an iMessage when:

  • A new person or phone-number is added to a Google Sheet
  • A new subscriber signs up on your website
  • A new person signed up for your event via a Google Form or similar
  • A lead or customer event happens on your CRM
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Please email us at support@porterhouse.app for access to this Beta feature

Diagram showing different Zapier integrations you can use with Porterhouse

Porterhouse is great for...

Click to find out how Porterhouse helps supercharge these businesses and jobs:

  Real Estate

Find both buyers and sellers, grow client relationships with authentic iMessages, and so much more (our real estate customers have reported a 30% higher response rate than regular SMS!)

  Ministry/Church Groups

Send daily verses and coordinate weekly meetings

  Sports Teams and Leagues

Coordinate team operations and send announcements individually (vs group texts that are easily missed).

  Personal Trainers

Send periodic motivations, check-in reminders, workout plans, and zoom links for group classes.

  COVID Coordinators

Send testing reminders and instructions, and announcements when someone’s tested positive

  Teachers, Daycare, and kids’ activities

Send announcements and reminders to parents, and periodic messages to grow your relationship with customers.

  Classes (online and offline)

Send zoom links and homework links, send announcements and reminders for in person classes.

  Wedding and Event Planners

Send RSVPs, event invites, and reminders

  Political or Non-Profit Campaigns

Coordinate your volunteers and canvassers, and raise funds with personal and authentic iMessages

  Fraternities, Sororities, and Campus Callouts

Stand out by sending recruitment texts by iMessage – super convenient since it comes from your own phone and number

  Small Business Marketing

Grow repeat business by creating a “VIP” texting list. Standout from the crowd by sending real iMessages instead of SMS

  …and much more!

With how easy it is to communicate through Porterhouse, you’ll find all kinds of ways to improve your business or job that you’d never thought of!


Get your message out in 3 easy steps


Craft your message

Create a message with no length limits. Add an image, video, or more, and personalize it with a ${firstName} tag.


Choose recipients

Upload a CSV file with names and numbers, or choose individuals or groups from your Apple Contacts.


Send your text blast

Click Send, and watch the magic as Porterhouse texts each recipient one-by-one from your Mac's Messages App, as though you were doing it yourself!

Respond from Messages App

View and respond to replies right from your Mac or iPhone's Messages App.

Trusted by organizations of all sizes

Real customers. Real results.

We run a large window and gutter cleaning business so we have about 2000 clients per year that need constant texting to remain customers and to give them updates.

Most small businesses like us use their cell phone prior to getting to scale, so to have a software like Porterhouse that still allows you to use your iMessage and see your past threads with clients is so key.

Literally every other software uses a different phone number.

Kendra Bolton

Co-Founder, Shine Windows and Eaves Cleaning

Porterhouse is such a helpful app -- I'm a study group coordinator for about 30 dentists and we meet monthly. In the past I would email them all and then call EACH office to get RSVPs because no one answers their emails -- they are very busy!!

Using Porterhouse, I was able to send a text and get quick responses like "I'll be there!" or "not this time!" and it cut my work in half at least!!


Front Desk Coordinator, Ferris Orthodontic Group

I’m a huge fan of Porterhouse and the way it works – we used it to text premium clients real estate alerts, and the blue iMessage has been great for conversions!

Nick Dowdle

Growth PM, ZeroDown

Plans starting at $15 a month

*When purchased anually

Reap the benefits of easy mass texting

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Porterhouse automates your iPhone to send individual, personalized texts to your entire list with a single click.