...and we're constantly adding more!

Bulk Peer-to-peer iMessage

Send iMessages individually to each recipient. Market-leading engagement with authentic iMessage
  blue chat bubbles  ! Regular SMSes are automatically sent to Android recipients.

Unlimited texting

No per-text charge! Since your phone does the texting, the unlimited texting plan that comes with your cellular provider is used.

One-click sending*

Send out your entire broadcast with a single click – reclaim your productivity!

CSV Uploads*

Easily upload CSV files containing phone numbers to text. Export phone-number lists from Mailchimp, Salesforce or anywhere and text them all with one-click!

Market-leading Privacy

Unlike other mass texting products that record and see all of your contacts’ numbers and your entire conversations, we don’t see any of that! Learn more

Files with Analytics

Attach files with an individualized link to each recipient allowing you to see who engages with your files and attachments.

* Requires Main Course Plan