Amplifying your email campaigns' reach with bulk iMessage

Emails and texting go together like peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper, or socks and shoes. These are two of the most popular forms of communication and when leveraged properly, they can enhance one another to multiply your engagements.

Here are four reasons how and why pairing your email campaign with a mass text can increase the effectiveness of your campaign and yield great results.

1. ✅ Potential customers are bound to check one of them. The average American checks their phone 344 times a day. By hitting potential clients or your target audience on multiple mediums, such as an email followed by a text, you can drive traffic to your product from two different sources and ensure that your message is received and read.

If you are scheduling appointments, it is best to have an email go out to the customer, but also follow up with the reminder. With 90% of the population reading their text messages within the first 3 minutes, text reminders are foolproof at reducing no-shows.

2. 🤝 They can complement each other in messaging. Email is a better medium for longer form material, including descriptions of products and services, or stories to drive home your message. Text messages can be used for quicker, shorter form marketing, such as flash sales, updates in real time, or quick product feedback.

You can even send a text purely as a call to action to check their email, eg “I just sent you an important update {firstName}, please check your email when you get a chance – thanks!”. This way, you’re not just regurgitating information on two platforms hoping that someone will read it somewhere.

We recommend using Mailchimp (you can directly upload your Mailchimp list into Porterhouse with no modifications), Hubspot, or even SendinBlue as a compliment and supplement to your outreach via bulk messaging.

3. 📈 You can use text to empower your email lists. By sending a quick text to verify information for your email list, you can curate it to get better engagements and ensure you’re talking to the right person. It is also a chance to test out messaging and marketing before you roll it out to your entire list by A-B testing on different segments of your list.

4. 🗑️ Emails can get lost in “spam.” With several email providers automatically filtering emails they perceive as promotional or service emails into various folders, it is important to realize that valuable information is often missed by the end user. By pairing email and text, you can avoid unintended email spam filters from disrupting your message. With text, you can be assured that people will see your message.

Overall, emails are a tried-and-true method of marketing, while text messaging seems to be the future. There’s no better way to pump your communication into overdrive than to combine two of the most powerful and effective forms of outreach. If you are interested in pairing your email platform with an easy, one-click, personalized iMessage bulk messaging platform, check out and get started today!

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