The Porterhouse Privacy Promise

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Porterhouse takes privacy extremely seriously and it's one of our competitive advantages. Here’s how each permission is used and how they stack up against the competition:

Contacts Access

Contacts are read only locally on your Mac for display so you can pick which ones you want to send to. For contacts that you choose to send to, only a bare minimum of info is saved to facilitate sending of messages.

Some other services store all your contacts to perform analytics on or to provide "value added services"

Full Disk Access

Porterhouse needs this permission to accurately determine whether each message was delivered, and exactly what went wrong when they don’t get delivered. Nothing else whatsoever is read.

Other texting providers don’t provide statuses that are as accurate, and will sometimes show messages as delivered when they’re not.

Replies and followup responses

Porterhouse only saves the initial broadcast that you enter, and doesn’t read any replies from others or subsequent responses from you at all.

Compare this to cloud-based texting services, which store all replies to your messages on their servers.

Still have questions Porterhouse permissions and privacy? We’re happy to clarify! Feel free to email us at

Porterhouse is the only bulk texting solution that uses your own phone to text your list with a single click
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